Are You Or Your Child Having Attention Issues?

Counseling for ADD - ADHD

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Do you or your child seem to have your head in the clouds when it’s time to focus on work or school? Contact Rob to discuss how he might help you.

Help for ADD – ADHD Through Counseling

People with ADD / ADHD often face unique challenges. Since they are typically able to focus on interesting tasks and hobbies, they may be misunderstood and even accused of being “lazy” when they struggle to focus and follow through with tasks related to school or work.

People dealing with ADHD might be easily distracted, forgetful, have difficulty following instructions and details, are often dis-organized, lose things, and actively avoid mentally taxing tasks. These challenges comprise the “inattentive” facet of ADHD.  Additionally, some may appear to always be on the go, unable to sit still for long, talk excessively, and interrupt others regularly in conversation. These are the facets of the Hyperactivity component (The H in ADHD).

Whether you (or your child) have already been diagnosed, or are seeking an initial evaluation, Rob will help you understand ADHD, and facilitate the learning of skills and tools (for parents too!) for coping with the symptoms of ADHD.